Once Upon a Sunday in March

I went to a creative life event and participated in a workshop flaylay. It was fun 🙂

And also made this from snappap.


 And, last but certainly not least, enjoyed the Spring weather with my boy.

Happy Monday!



Virtual Camp

Next month I’m going camping behind my desk.

http://campnanowrimo.org/  is coming to the rescue of writers who can use a little nudging along or who want to chat with likeminded cabinmates.

Pie (more about her here) is allowed to get behind the wheel and stir my draft into another draft, one that will make a little more sense.

The Project:

1 – Make Plot Outline (for Editing Purposes)

2 – Edit First Draft (Obvious)

3 – Create Synopsis (Kind of dreading this one)

4 – Write a couple of blog posts (Because it is fun)

5 – Start short story/ new story (To distract from point 2)


Make a blog post about my writing challenge to see how many hours I spent writing/ how many words/ how many chapters edited.

You get the picture.

I hope doing this will give me some insight about my process, and it sounds fun. 🙂

To Be Continued..